go Hope-Survivor_ChristinaWhen I first learned that I had Breast Cancer, I said to myself…This is too big, I have to put this into someones hands much bigger than mine – and I was lead to Hope Cancer Care of Nevada and my Dr. Raja Mehdi!

where to buy cytotec in Shreveport Louisiana Dr. Mehdi said to me “Ill put you in the Cure Bucket” and thats all I needed to know! Of course , there are no guarantees in life but with my circumstances and stage of cancer it was the Hope that I needed to continue through my treatment. My surgeon, Dr. Anne ONeil said youll love his office – its like a SPA…Its Beautiful – I felt so comfortable the first day I walked in and the entire staff treated me like family, very professional and competent. I spent 7 months traveling to Las Vegas and its not just the treatment you get but I feel I am taken in and cared for with love and encouragement. Really – I want to thank, Lulu, Margaret, Julie, Alex, Likisha, Ali and Especially Dr. Mehdi! I just finished my Chemo Therapy and all my reports are coming back good – thank you all so much for making this life changing experience a positive one! Always in my heart – Christina