Specially Tailored Cancer Treatment Center in Las Vegas, NV


Hope Cancer Care of Nevada is committed to providing high-quality, timely and friendly laboratory services for our patients. We serve our patients’ laboratory needs locally, reducing trips to multiple locations often required for routine and specialized laboratory testing.

Centralized pathology services provide complete, accurate and timely diagnostic reports. Our centralized pathology lab is a state-of-the-art facility staffed with highly specialized laboratory scientists, hematopathologists and surgical pathologists to serve the needs of our practice.


The use of oral oncolytics in cancer treatment is fast growing. This year, approximately 30% of all cancer drugs will be available in pill form, including the newer targeted therapies. We provide in-house specialty pharmacy services.

Our experienced staff will provide you with the following:

For prescription refills or other information, please call 239.318.6285 or toll free 833.886.1725.

Care Management

The journey you are about to begin can be confusing and difficult. Your Care Management team will be invaluable in helping you successfully navigate the treatment process. Your team will consist of your physician, care manager, nurse and other experts, as needed. Many insurance companies, including Medicare, recognize the importance of care management and are now making it a part of the required services.

To begin, you will be assigned a care manager, who will help you prepare for what lies ahead. Your care manager is a highly skilled registered nurse who will work closely with your physician and other members of your team to make certain you receive the support and services you require. Your personal care manager will be with you through the entire treatment process and beyond.

The goal of care management is to help you manage your physical, psychosocial and emotional needs, and act as your primary contact. Care management performs many functions, including providing education regarding the problems or side effects commonly experienced throughout treatment while under your physician’s care. Your care manager will assist you with creating and understanding your personalized plan of care and help facilitate communication between your oncologist and other providers.


Our registered dietitian offers counseling on choosing the right foods to stay healthy and strong during cancer treatments.  Also, providing personalized nutrition plans for each patient to help with faster recovery, better tolerance of treatment-related side effects, lower infection risk and higher quality of life with more strength and energy.

Learn more about our dietitian.

Financial Support

Medical bills, insurance claims, benefits and deductibles can be confusing and overwhelming.

Hope Cancer Care of Nevada is committed to being a supportive resource for our patients. You will meet with a financial counselor during one of your initial visits and at any time that you may have questions about your account or insurance coverage. The financial counselor can also discuss patient assistance programs or payment options.


Hope Cancer Care of Nevada is enhancing patient care by offering telehealth services. In many cases, patients now have the option to meet with their physician, advanced practitioner, nurse, social worker or dietitian through video chat on a computer or mobile device. This virtual visit provides the same high-quality care from the comfort of your home or from any other private location.

Our approach to cancer care is always patient focused and individualized, whether care is delivered in a personal visit at our office or via a video chat. Telehealth services, when appropriate, provide an excellent option for patients who cannot travel, or wish to reduce travel, to their doctor’s office.

Conveniently access your care team

Receive personalized care in the comfort of your home, or virtually anywhere.

Maintain your oncology care while reducing travel costs

Reduce the time, cost and effort associated with traveling to an in-person office visit.

Simple and easy to use

See your provider from anywhere. Just click on your provider’s personalized room link to join him or her for a scheduled video chat. No need to download software or create an account.

Securely connect with your provider

Just like a regular appointment, your virtual visit is entirely private and confidential. Virtual visits are never recorded or shared.

Depending on your insurance coverage, you may be charged your usual copay/deductible for a regular office visit, or you may be charged a telehealth patient fee for each virtual visit. Talk with your financial counselor or contact our office for additional information.

Please contact us to schedule a virtual visit.

Getting Started

Follow these five steps to start your visit.

  1. Check your email / text messages for a link from our practice.
  2. A few minutes before your scheduled visit, click the personalized room link to start your appointment or visit AON.Doxy.me and select your provider.
  3. Entering your name will place you in your provider’s virtual waiting room.
  4. For first time users, a yellow banner will notify you to enable your web browser to use your microphone and camera, if available.
  5. If you are waiting for your appointment to start, and it’s your first time, please take a moment to review the instructional video and tips – these will help make your virtual visit as seamless and efficient as possible.