source site Hope-Survivor_WayneWayne was enjoying an active, outdoor life. After an annual physical (less a colonoscopy, due to scheduling) and a two-week hiking trip in New Mexico, Wayne had his first Colonoscopy an age 52.

rencontres japon get link The Diagnosis
Colon cancer, but no symptoms or bleeding, but a big letdown from the high of hiking with a group of scouts.

source url Surgery- Right hemi-colectomy and a port for chemotherapy under the direction of Dr Raja Mehdi.

On a biweekly schedule of chemotherapy able to return to light work, ten working days until about half way through the series of treatment. I kept a positive outlook, and a focus on our goal.

follow Life 1 year later
I am back to normal and the weight I lost during treatment will remain off. I am more aware of what I eat and the gift of the remainder of my life. I have taken it on myself to be an advocate about getting screening colonoscopy.

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I have kept my weight down and kept regular checkups and I am “officially cured”…