Practice Manager

Caprice was born and raised in Southern California.  In 1993 she enlisted in the United States Coast Guard where she was trained as a Health Services Technician.  She has been on multiple missions while she was stationed on the Coast Guard Cutter Hamilton and received many medals and commendations.  Most noteworthy was “Operation Able Manner” off the Coast of Haiti in 1994.  This mission was picking up overcrowded boats and rafts full of Haitian migrants trying to flee Haiti.  On July 4th 1994, one boat was tied up alongside cutter Hamilton, and it was so over-crowded that it capsized.  More than 150 Haitians were suddenly immersed in the ocean fighting to live.  Caprice helped assist the other crew members to save as many people as possible.   It was this very moment that Caprice knew she wanted to work in a field that helped people, so she trained in the medical field.

Caprice became a Health Services Technician in the United States Coast Guard in 1997.  She has worked in every aspect of the medical field from administrative to actually performing surgery in the military.  She ended her enlistment in 2000 and moved to Las Vegas with her family.

Caprice spends her free time with her family making memories while camping, boating, fishing or just hanging around home with her two dogs.

Caprice joined HOPE in 2015.  As the Practice Manager, Caprice loves being able to work with such an amazing team of employees who truly care about people.  Caprice’s goal is to bring “CARE” back to Health Care and provide unmeasurable care to HOPE’s patients.