Oncology Nurse

Julie was born in Manila and grew up in the province of Laur Nueva Ecija. After graduating from St. Mary’s School of Nursing in 1984 she moved to Baltimore for five years then headed to Chicago to marry her high school sweetheart Wilson. She has been married for over 20 years  and has four kids. In 1993, her son Jason was born, but but at an early age he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma and became her angel in 1997. Julie believes this experience made her realize how hard it is for any patient and family to fight cancer. It makes her look at life differently and enjoy every day. Julie loves working as a nurse and believes that no matter what you do in life, you really need to enjoy what you do to be successful. And to never forget that laughter is part of medicine. In 2005, Julie came to Las Vegas for vacation and discovered that the weather here is better than the freezing Chicago weather. By 2006, her family had packed and moved to Las Vegas. She met Dr. Mehdi and started to work at Hope Cancer Care of Nevada in 2009. As the chemotherapy RN she enjoys meeting different people, impacting patients’ lives and working with wonderful co-workers along with Dr. Mehdi. Her passion to serve each and every patient with a smile, in a caring and compassionate way is what the Hope Difference means to her.