a�?Ultraviolet Bada�?: The Surgeon General Issues A Call To Action To Prevent Skin Cancer

By David Sampson

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a�?Ultraviolet bad.a�?

That was the core message that came out of the introduction this morning of the Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Prevent Skin Cancer at a meeting held at the National Press Club in Washington DC.

There were some other messages that now raise skin cancer awareness and prevention high on the public health awareness list, such as the fact that over 5 million people every year have a diagnosis of skin cancer (and many have more than one skin cancer), and that we are spending over $8 billion dollars treating the disease. But most important is the fact that this is one of the most preventable cancers, and if current trends are any indication we are not getting the job done when it comes to decreasing the number of skin cancers and saving lives.

Acting Surgeon General Boris Lushniak MD and Undersecretary of Health Howard Koh MD were masterful presenting the evidence contained in the report, and American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network volunteer Stacey Escalantea��who herself is a melanoma survivor and media personality from Las Vegasa��made the story personal.

And it is personal. It is particularly personal for me as a skin cancer survivor, and it is personal for millions of people throughout this nation and throughout the world. The real question remains, however, given the fact that skin cancer is so common and has impacted so many, why aren’t we doing more to prevent it? Hopefully this report will bring that conversation to a new level and lead to more and better public health interventions.

The reality is that in years past we didn’t know what we could do to reduce the threat of skin cancer. That wasn’t always the case. People …read more

Source: American Cancer Society

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