In Feb 2008, I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. My right leg swelled up and I went to the emergency room because it was very painful. The doctor thought I had blocked arteries but nothing was found on the ultra sound. A CAT scan was ordered and it revealed that I had cancer. I was automatically booked into the hospital, after which the doctor ordered a biopsy and bone-marrow surgery. This was a very frightening time for me, but Dr. Mehdi, my oncologist, told me not to be afraid. He reassured me that the cancer was curable.

Dr. Mehdi met me the next day and I showed him my biopsy results. Thankfully they were very good because the cancer had not spread to my bone marrow and my organs were not damaged. Of course, I had a lot of questions for Dr. Mehdi, but he gave me all the time in the world to answer each one of them. He showed patience, understanding, knowledge and experience. He is also very approachable, which was very comforting. Dr. Mehdi ordered my medication, and the chemotherapy treatment began after a port was fitted in my chest.

I had six chemotherapy sessions over a period of 4 months. The experience was horrifying I felt like I was dying. After my first session, I went home and was sick to my stomach. I had no appetite, and all I wanted to do was sleep. Then my hair started to fall out… yes, it was terrifying worrying about my appearance. The cancer took a toll on my kids, as well. They would often cry, and once told me that they feared that I might be dead every time they could not see me breathing (with my chest moving up and down), while I was asleep.

As the chemotherapy sessions got less, I began to feel and look better (however, I gained a lot of weight, because one of the after-medications that I took raised my blood-pressure and blood-sugar). On July 8, 2008, my cancer was in remission and I stopped taking my medications. What great joy!

I am blessed, and grateful to God for sparing my life. I gave my testimony in church and volunteer my time to help in the Church and do Gods work. I will miss Dr. Mehdi very much, and wish him all the best life has to offer. Keep up the good work, Dr Mehdi! THANK YOU!e