My name is Robert. I was diagnosed with cancer in November 2007. In June of that year I was in constant pain in my back. I was unable to sleep at night due to the fact that I could not lie on my back, and turning on my side only made the pain worse. My primary care physician referred me to an oncologist, which to my good fortune turned out to be Dr. Mehdi. Dr. Mehdi informed me that I had cancer. It has not been easy with all the treatments and medical procedures I went through. Dr. Mehdi has been encouraging, kind and willing to listen. He never rushed my office calls. Not only was he my doctor, he became my friend. Today I am doing well. The cancer is in remission. I am able to sleep at night again, and am free of spinal pain. I am a cancer survivor! My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Mehdi… a doctor who really cares!