Preparing for your first visit

We understand that the anticipation of your first visit can be filled with anxiety. You are about to meet a team of medical professionals dedicated to your recovery.

Thomas Jefferson U researchers explore how prostate cancer forms


The cause of prostate cancer may be linked to Parkinson’s disease through a common enzyme. …read more Source:: Cancer

UCLA researchers find that lens-free microscope can detect cancer at the cellular level


UCLA researchers have developed a lens-free microscope that can be used to detect the presence of cancer or other cell-level abnormalities with the same accuracy as larger and more expensive optical microscopes. …read more Source:: Cancer

Ohio State researchers find that long noncoding RNAs are a novel prognostic marker in older patients with acute leukemia


A new study shows that patterns of molecules called long noncoding RNAs might help doctors choose the least toxic, most effective treatment for many older patients with acute myeloid leukemia. …read more Source:: Cancer

Roswell Park study suggests additional applications for FL118 as personalized therapy for cancer


Study results showed that FL118 can also activate the p53 tumor-suppressor pathway in cancer cells, encouraging cell senescence, or aging. …read more Source:: Cancer

Mayo researchers see benefit in test of three-drug treatment for multiple myeloma


In the treatment of multiple myeloma, the addition of carfilzomib to a currently accepted two-drug combination produced significantly better results than using the two drugs alone, according to a worldwide research team led by investigators from Mayo Clinic. …read more … Read More

Dana-Farber researchers find that a narrow subset of cells is responsible for metastasis in multiple myeloma


Dana-Farber researchers report that multiple myeloma is driven to spread by a subset of the myeloma cells within a patient’s body, and that attacking those specific subsets with targeted drugs may be better targets for therapy. …read more Source:: Cancer

Duke researchers find that older breast cancer patients still get radiation despite limited benefit


Women over the age of 70 who have certain early-stage breast cancers overwhelmingly receive radiation therapy despite published evidence that the treatment has limited benefit, researchers at Duke Medicine report. …read more Source:: Cancer

Georgetown U researchers find that an agent prevents prostate cancer growth and spread in mouse studies


Researchers have shown that an experimental agent prevents tumor growth and spread in mice with prostate cancer harboring a common chromosomal abnormality. …read more Source:: Cancer

Dana-Farber researchers report immunotherapy results in patients with Hodgkin lymphoma


Eighty-seven percent of Hodgkin lymphoma patients who participated in an early-phase immunotherapy clinical trial experienced cancer remission. …read more Source:: Cancer

Baylor scientists find that wound response of cancer stem cells may explain chemo-resistance in bladder cancer


A novel mechanism — similar to how normal tissue stem cells respond to wounding — might explain why bladder cancer stem cells actively contribute to chemo-resistance after multiple cycles of chemotherapy drug treatment. …read more Source:: Cancer

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As you begin the journey toward recovery, whether you are a patient or caregiver, it is important to select a team of professionals who aim to not only treat the condition, but the entire individual as well.

At Hope Cancer Care of Nevada, we view our patients as family. Our practice utilizes state-of-the-art cancer treatment technologies including chemo within a relaxed and inviting environment; proficient cancer care doctor’s and is administered by a staff that places the patient’s dignity and comfort at the forefront.

Caregiver support, alternative practices, chemotherapy, tranquil settings and high-end modern amenities come together to create a truly comprehensive cancer care facility at our cancer center in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the Hope difference. Take a moment to explore the possibilities available at Hope.