Preparing for your first visit

We understand that the anticipation of your first visit can be filled with anxiety. You are about to meet a team of medical professionals dedicated to your recovery.

Mass General researchers find that circulating tumor cell clusters are more likely to cause metastasis than single cells


Tumor cells that break off a primary tumor and are carried through the bloodstream appear to be much more likely to cause metastasis than are single circulating tumor cells, according to a study from investigators at the Massachusetts General Hospital … Read More

Hopkins researchers find that cancer leaves a common fingerprint on DNA


In a study of a broad variety of cancers, investigators say they have found widespread and distinctive changes to chemical marks known as methyl groups attached to DNA. Those marks help govern whether genes are turned “on” or “off,” and … Read More

UC Davis researchers find that nanoparticles could provide applications to diagnose, treat cancer


Researchers have created dynamic nanoparticles that could provide an arsenal of applications to diagnose and treat cancer. …read more Source: Cancer

In a study in nematode worms, Duke scientists uncover potential navigation system used by cancer, nerve cells


Using nemotode worms, Duke University researchers have found a ”roving detection system” on the surface of cells that may point to new ways of treating diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. …read more Source: Cancer

Northwestern researchers identify marker in aggressive breast cancer


Two Northwestern University scientists have identified a biomarker strongly associated with basal-like breast cancer, a highly aggressive carcinoma that is resistant to many types of chemotherapy. …read more Source: Cancer

UCSD researchers report on new mouse model that points to therapy for liver disease


Development of effective new therapies for preventing or treating non-alcoholic fatty liver disease has been stymied by limited small animal models for the disease. In a paper published online in Cancer Cell, scientists at the University of California, San Diego … Read More

Huntsman researchers outline possible next generation of chronic myeloid leukemia treatment


A new study that identified mutated forms of a gene that encodes for mutated forms of CML. …read more Source: Cancer

Rare kidney tumor provides insights on role of metabolic changes in cancer


Researchers in The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Network have uncovered a number of new findings about the biology and development of a rare form of kidney cancer. They found that the disease – chromophobe renal cell carcinoma – stems in … Read More

Columbia University researchers find that severing nerves in mice may shrink stomach cancers


Research from Columbia University Medical Center shows that nerves may play a critical role in stomach cancer growth and that blocking nerve signals using surgery or Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA) could be an effective treatment for the disease. …read more Source: Cancer

Massachussetts General-developed device monitors key step in development of tumor metastases


A microfluidic device developed at Massachusetts General Hospital may help study key steps in the process by which cancer cells break off from a primary tumor to invade other tissues and form metastases. …read more Source: Cancer

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As you begin the journey toward recovery, whether you are a patient or caregiver, it is important to select a team of professionals who aim to not only treat the condition, but the entire individual as well.

At Hope Cancer Care of Nevada, we view our patients as family. Our practice utilizes state-of-the-art cancer treatment technologies including chemo within a relaxed and inviting environment; proficient cancer care doctor’s and is administered by a staff that places the patient’s dignity and comfort at the forefront.

Caregiver support, alternative practices, chemotherapy, tranquil settings and high-end modern amenities come together to create a truly comprehensive cancer care facility at our cancer center in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the Hope difference. Take a moment to explore the possibilities available at Hope.