Preparing for your first visit

We understand that the anticipation of your first visit can be filled with anxiety. You are about to meet a team of medical professionals dedicated to your recovery.

WHO Agency Downgrades Coffee’s Cancer Link


By David Sampson The news that coffee is being downgraded from “possible carcinogen” to “unclassifiable” sounds surprising, since we’re used to seeing trends go the other way, from safe to potentially cancer-causing. But this is how the scientific process works. … Read More

Newly launched Genomic Data Commons to facilitate data and clinical information sharing


The Genomic Data Commons (GDC), a unified data system that promotes sharing of genomic and clinical data between researchers, launched today with a visit from Vice President Joe Biden to the operations center at the University of Chicago. …read more … Read More

ACS Responds to New Study Linking Cell Phone Radiation to Cancer


By David Sampson The U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) has released partial results from an animal study of the effect of radiofrequency radiation associated with cell phones. The group found radiofrequency radiation was linked to a higher risk of two … Read More

NIH study visualizes proteins involved in cancer cell metabolism


Scientists using cryo-electron microscopy have broken through a technological barrier in visualizing proteins with an approach that may have an impact on drug discovery and development, capturing images of an enzyme found in cells at a resolution of 1.8 angstroms. … Read More

Many HIV-Infected Cancer Patients Lacking Treatment


By David Sampson A new study finds HIV-infected patients with cancer in the United States appear to be less likely to receive cancer treatment, regardless of insurance and other existing health conditions. The study, by researchers at the University of … Read More

Increased Physical Activity Associated with Lower Risk of 13 Types of Cancer


A new study of the relationship between physical activity and cancer has shown that greater levels of leisure-time physical activity were associated with a lower risk of developing 13 different types of cancer; the risk of developing seven cancer types … Read More

American Cancer Society Report Assesses Progress against Goals Set for Nation


By David Sampson A new report assesses how the nation fared against the ambitious challenge goal set by the American Cancer Society to reduce the cancer death rates by 50% over 25 years ending in 2015. The report finds areas … Read More

Analysis of rare endocrine cancer reveals novel genetic alterations


A molecular characterization of adrenocortical carcinoma, a rare cancer of the adrenal cortex, analyzed 91 cases for alterations in the tumor genomes and identified several novel genetic mutations as likely mechanisms driving the disease as well as whole genome doubling … Read More

Elevated bladder cancer risk in New England and arsenic in drinking water from private wells


A new study has found that drinking water from private wells, particularly dug wells established during the first half of the 20th century, may have contributed to the elevated risk of bladder cancer that has been observed in Maine, New … Read More

Radon and Hematologic Cancer in Women


By David Sampson A new report from American Cancer Society researchers finds a statistically-significant, positive association between high levels of residential radon and the risk of hematologic cancer (lymphoma, myeloma, and leukemia) in women. The study is the first prospective, … Read More

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Welcome to Hope Cancer Care of Nevada.

As you begin the journey toward recovery, whether you are a patient or caregiver, it is important to select a team of professionals who aim to not only treat the condition, but the entire individual as well.

At Hope Cancer Care of Nevada, we view our patients as family. Our practice utilizes state-of-the-art cancer treatment technologies including chemo within a relaxed and inviting environment; proficient cancer care doctor’s and is administered by a staff that places the patient’s dignity and comfort at the forefront.

Caregiver support, alternative practices, chemotherapy, tranquil settings and high-end modern amenities come together to create a truly comprehensive cancer care facility at our cancer center in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is the Hope difference. Take a moment to explore the possibilities available at Hope.